Classic Goods Full Set

Hornby Classic Goods Collection

Each of these Peppercorn collections is a unique set of vintage pieces making up a goods operations train collection to treasure. An extensive range of track pieces, points, goods yard buildings, signals, buffers, turntable and an 0-4-0 clockwork locomotive and matching tender, plus a rake of goods wagons, packaged and presented in a substantial three layer box.


Goods operations in the classic collection are based around a twin drive loading crane and the eight way turntable. Together with a selection of points and buffers and the signal box there is the basis of a wide range of flexible and interesting layouts. You can select three from a long list of goods wagons including the removable furniture container (above) and many more.

IMG_1054 Classic Goods Ultimate Goods Collection Ultimate Passenger Collection Classic Passenger Collection
Classic Goods Display

When you've planned your latest layout, connected up the track and positioned the station buildings, buffers, and level crossing - then you can plan the run. When you've planned the run you must set all points to their start positions and prepare the train. When the train is ready and the sequence of points changes planned and everyone is ready - off she goes.


It looks so easy - but to get a 'perfect run' is no mean feat!

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